An Introduction.

Hello! I will try to keep this short and sweet despite my usual tendency to express things in more words than necessary. Although I have been a Jesuit Volunteer for almost three months, and love to write, I haven’t actually gotten around to starting a blog until now. This is partially because I am prone to procrastination and not finishing the things I start, but also because I am oftentimes nervous about sharing personal writings and reflections, as well as indecisive when it comes to deciding exactly what to write about. But the desire to create a blog has come back to me enough times that I finally decided that I need to just get it over with and begin where I am. So here I am.

I am living and working in Syracuse, New York, in a house of seven girls. My six roommates are unique, hardworking, and have such big hearts. I could go on and on about each one of them, but I’ll save that for another time. I am a case manager at an organization called the Center for Community Alternatives, whose mission is to “promote reintegrative justice and a reduced reliance on incarceration through advocacy, services and public policy development in pursuit of civil and human rights.” My role is to work with a grant-based program within one of Syracuse’s housing developments to help its tenants gain self-sufficiency through employment and education. I feel that it is nearly impossible to encompass my experience in Syracuse thus far in any short combination of words. It has been challenging, exciting, confusing, anxiety-inducing, joyful, and nothing like I could have imagined it to be. There aren’t enough words for me to adequately explain my experiences and the impact they have had on me, but through this blog, I’m going to try. So, if you are taking the time to read this: thank you, and welcome. I hope you will accompany me on this uncertain journey.


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